Innocence Becomes You


 (c) 2004 Original Tangent Music / BMI



Intro E - E7 - E - E7



                 Am- C (repeat briskly)

If I could only say

Am- C (repeat briskly)

Later and later till I've dreamt through the day

D                                F

We've wandered and lived


We'll die in the haze


We're always older


You're always the same

F      E                      Am-C (briskly)

Innocence becomes you


E- E7 - E - E7


Am-C (briskly)

Only your touch


Could make me gasp for breath

Who knows where we're going?

Love or happiness?

D           F

When I hold you closely

A                                     G                   D

Counting seconds is the only thing to do

F      E                        Am-C

Innocence becomes you




repeat first verse